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The new lighting era begins with LED

Rapidly changing environmental conditions challenge us, among other things, to seek for new ways of lighting. A modern lighting unit is expected to be energy-efficient, cost-effective and environment-friendly.

Incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lighting devices are still extensively used. Though short life cycle, expensive and specific utilization conditions make them less and less welcome at our homes and working places.

We offer you a new generation of lights. The unique LED technology is really winning in comparison to all we had before.

LED technology provides

  • energy efficiency benefits: LED lights consume 10 times less power
  • cost effectiveness advantages: LED lights’ life is in average 550 times longer
  • minimized impact on the environment: LED lights generate almost no heat
  • no negative impact on humans: LED lights do not contain mercury, rare gas and there is no ultraviolet emission

We pride ourselves as one of leading suppliers of LED lighting devices. It will be our pleasure to help you choose lighting that will ideally meet your needs. Please see our attractive prices in the catalogue. There you will also find a wide range of models for:

  • residential lighting
  • retail lighting
  • industrial lighting
  • housing/utilities lighting
  • outdoor lighting
  • decorative lighting

Our consultants will be glad to help you with your choice and answer all your questions as regards LED technology, ordering procedure, prices and delivery.